Still in Limbo

Marcela contacted the Clinic responsible for deciding if they will operate on my hip on Monday, they said the Meeting had, for some unknown reason, been delaid and was due to be held that day, with the Pacients informed of their decisions by the end of this week, so we live in hope, but are surprised at nothing!

Whether I finally have surgery or not, I am having to take precautions, because I am certainly not as steady as I need to be, so begrudgingly I gave in to Marcela’s badgering, and last week installed grab bars in the bathroom

I have to admit, I am not sure why I was so resistent to having them, I am certainly safer in the shower with them installed, I think if surgery is given the go ahead, the only extra piece I need to buy, is a raised toilet seat. I have a much higher armchair for the lounge on order.

I finally gave in, during the second to last week of November and Marcela eagerly put up all the Christmas decorations, considering she had no help, she did a fantastic job, even though I reminded her, that she would also be taking them down.

Marcela also put the outside Patio decorations up, I made a tiny contribution by putting up the outside lights, nowhere near as many as last year, but they look OK.

The Solar Saga trundles on, we have been in touch with our Energy Supplier, who has told us what documents the Solar Company, Natam, should have supplied, but haven’t, Marcela has been in touch with ‘Sebastian’, but he refused point blank to assist further, stating it was not their responsibility, and then blocked Marcel’s phone from contacting him.

This man, Sebastian Espinosa, or Yamid Hernandez, or whatever name he is using this week, professes to be a qualified Solicitor, although I have me doubts if he is qualified at anything.

I have taken the decision, that there is no point in continuing to try and get help from this man, he just wants your money, and then cuts and runs, another Colombian Con-man, and he’s good at it.

As a result we have been in touch with a couple of other Companies, recommended to us, the idea being that one of them, will do an official inspection of the current installation, and give us a report on the quality or otherwise of the work, they will then remedy anything that needs doing, install the bi-directional meter, and have the system legalised.

Once we have the Report, I will compile a file of all the communication we have had with this man (emails / Whatsapp records/ photos), and we will make a formal complaint to the Authorities, also once I find out who licences Solicitors, a file will be going to them to. This Con-man has to be stopped, he may be able to install totally off-grid systems, but he obviously can’t do anything that needs connecting to an existing Electric Supplier, but makes out that he can, and leaves you in a dangerous situation.

As I think I previously reported, our own Electrician, insisted on being present, whilst the system was connected to the main grid, because he wasn’t happy at the lack of knowledge, ‘Sebastian’ seemed to have, he will also furnish a report.

Albeit ‘Sebastian’ stated in the end, that he would replace the damaged solar panel, that he insists still works, and may do, we never heard anything else, other than excuses, he needs stopping, and if I have my way, a stretch in Prison.

So if you live in Colombia, and want Solar installed, (he advertises right across the country), avoid Natam Energi S.A.S, or any variation of that, like the plague. I understand it’s a Mexican Company, and the work by them might be fine elsewhere, but I wouldn’t employ this man to sweep my yard, and by the time I have finished he will know it.

Yesterday, our boys went for their Christmas wash and trim, they both look smart, and certainly smell a lot better!

I’ll have to start on myself, this afternoon, it’s time to give myself a trim, I was asked the other day to recommend a Barber, so I told them to join the queue, in 45 years, I have only been to a Barber/Hairdresser once, and that was for my Wedding day to Marcela, it has always been cut by myself or one of my Wives!!!!

I seem to be getting myself organised again, last week I received my new Digital Residents Visa, and on Tuesday, we went to Migracion Colombia, in Medellin (Immigration Dept), and applied for my new ID card, it should be ready in a couple of weeks, then it’s another trip to collect it.

I think that about brings me up to date, so until the next time…

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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