Solar Con?

I am beginning to think I have been taken for a ride, and Marcela is not letting me forget that it was my decision.

We still haven’t sorted out the problem with the solar system, the bills from the Energy Supplier keep coming, and rising each time. We are still waiting to hear from them, regarding our request for a change of meter, we also asked Natam Energi SAS, the installer, and they want $2.500.000 COP to install a meter, do you ever get the feeling you are being ripped off?

Marcela sent the ‘Engineer’ Sebastian a message asking for contact details for his Boss, it then went very quiet, so I started doing some digging myself.

You read this, and you think it is a big Company 350 Employees, must be good, then you see that the Head Honcho is one Yamid Hernandez Timote

Do a bit more digging and I come up with the above account, wow! that must be Sebastian’s double, funny how the Company Boss and one of the Installers look like twins, and yet have entirely different names! I have downloaded a load of his entries, (a few where he is flashing a load of cash about, and bragging about the money and wealth) because I may need evidence of this if I have to take the legal route.

Sebastian also had an account stating he is an Abogado/Lawyer and was giving free opinions, but that has been taken down. However he still has his account with his surname spelled with a z not an s, where he thinks he is a Singer.

I’ve listened to a couple, I don’t think I will bother again!

It was strange, because a couple of days after doing this, Marcela received a message from ‘Sebastian’, where he admitted being the Boss of the Company, which from the message has a grand total of TWO employees including himself. He also stated that contrary to his previous communication, he will replace the damaged solar panel, but it will have to wait until he has another person available to come with him, or two people who can do the work for him. However he still states that the problem with the system is the fault of EPM, and until the meter is changed it will continue, I still have to work out how that is the case.

I am considering getting another Solar Company to come and check the system over and give us a written report, and depending on what they find, biting the bullet, asking them to get the system working as it should, we seem to be banging our heads against a brick wall with Natam Energi SAS.

I think thaqt brings me up to date on the Solar saga, so I will end here, and then move on with a new post.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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