Marcela’s Turn!

A week ago yesterday, I had to go back to the Dentist for a clean, and had managed to get Marcela her first appointment since the start of the Pandemic, I got away with a light scrub, Marcela wasn’t so lucky, she told the Dentist that she had had an accident a few months ago, and knocked a tooth against the glass jug of the Blender, and occasionally it caused her problems, she was sent for an X-ray, as a result, she has damaged the nerve inside the tooth, as a result she has to return to have the nerve removed, and the space filled.

Marcela’s teeth are her pride and joy, she is heartbroken, and worried she will end up losing the tooth. She was given an appoinment for last Thursday, so back we went, and as she was being prepped for the procedure, Marcela made a comment, at which the Dentist, said that she was only removing the nerve, and cleaning the inside, the rest of the procedure would be next month!!

At this, Marcela jumped off the bed, and said ‘No, she has a gum shield in at night, because she grinds her teeth, and asked if the tooth was likely to break, and was told that it most likely would. As a result, the appointment was cancelled, and she will have to get another next month, when the procedure will be done in the day.

Marcela also had a couple of other medical appointments, which have kept us on the move, and I had a test with an Ophthalmologist (for my eyes), due to my blood pressure, surprisingly, I passed with flying colours, she just recommended that due to my age, I start putting drops in daily, to keep them lubricated. At least there is one part of me, not falling to bits!.

Back home, I have been pottering in the garden and orchard, our only visitor seems to have been the possum family, I have taken the camera back down, but I will probably not bother again, until our fruit is ready for picking, and visitors are likely to return!

The weather has been up and down, during the day, we are getting three or four hours of scorching sun, late morning to mid afternoon, then the clouds roll in again and it is tropical storms all night, which would be no problem, except that results in Tito keeping us awake most of the night, as he is scared stiff. I have started putting on soothing music on a speaker alongside his bed, it has helped, but doesn’t relax him totally… roll on summer.

Marcela has gone over to visit the family until tomorrow, so we are having another Boys only time! I should look forward to it, but in reality, I rather Marcela were here. At least it gives her a breeak.

Now I am going to put my feet up in one of our new Hammock Chairs

listen to some music, and read my book!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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