It’s been a busy few days, and not with woodwork! I had another appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon regarding my knees and hips, the knees he is happy to continue the existing treatment of nerve block injections, as and when needed, but he was concerned with the deterioration in my hips, which is speeding up. He is of the opinion that subject to the results of x-rays he has since sent me for, I will either have hip replacement, or they might try nerve block injections there as well.

Having read up on the hip replacement procedure, I didn’t realise how long I would be out of action, so I am hoping he may consider the nerve blocks, because they have certainly helped with my knees, albeit I can now hear bone on bone, when I put any weight on them. We will see, I will struggle on, as I say, there are plenty of people worse off than me!

Marcela, went to stay with the family last week-end, it had been her Mother’s birthday the previous week, and they went out for a meal, I was invited, but it would have ment leaving the dogs outside overnight, and since that has never been done, I wasn’t prepared to leave them, maybe I should have done.

On the Saturday, I cooked lunch, which went down a treat, and then had our usual pudding, which consists of one ‘Wakeup’, a chocolate of some type, we keep them in the freezer, and the first bite, I knew it… another tooth broken, sheared in half, exposing the nerve, albeit only hurt when I touched it with a finger, Marcela said she was coming home, I told her not to be silly as there was nothing that could be done until the Monday.

Tuesday morning emergency appointment at the Dentist and they applied a resin veneer, the front of the tooth had sheered off, how long it will last, is anyone’s guess, but at least for now, it works! There was one good thing to come out of it, I found that they have started the normal dental check-ups again, after 18 months closed down, so I have my first appointment tomorrow.

Back to my favourite topic, my pockethole screws arrived from the US, and I have been able to complete the top / table for the dog crate, once it was clamped, glued and screwed, I left it a day, then cut it to size, and instead of the boring round over edge, I put a chamfer on it with the router. Sanding took a while, I start with 80 grit, using machines, then worked up to 600 grit, the last couple by hand, but it was worth it, and this morning it had it’s first coat of stain, I used Oak (roble) it matches both our bed and the dining table and chairs, since that was done years ago, I was surprised the stain hadn’t dried up in the tin!

I will wait to see if Marcela wants it any darker, before applying a couple of coats of varnish.

The other work to be done, was by Jaime, I had nothing vto do with it, I wanted a roof to cover our quadrangle / patio so we could make use of it, when the sun is overhead, or it’s belting down with rain, due to the pandemic, and the price of metal, it had to wait, but it’s now done! Here are a few photos of the process.

Space to be covered
welding up the frame
attaching the supporting legs onto the roof
attaching the cross supports
Painted & polycarbonate fitted – finished

I’m not sure what Health & Safety would have thought of some of the practises, but they all left unscathed!

I am chuffed to bits with the work, they had only been finished 30 seconds and the rain started, yet it does blow in on the floor, but you don’t get wet, so as it’s still warm enough to sit outside, we can make use of the space, and anyone staying in the Cabaña doesn’t need an umbrella to get to the house… Job done!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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