Change of Plan

We were both up early this morning, as the arrangement was that the owner of the dog Oreo, was leaving home at 7am to walk him to our house, and after a short introduction, she would leave him with us for the day.

I suspected there might be a delay, as it was pouring with rain, but shortly after 8am, the phone rang, and it was Oreo’s owner to say she was ill, and either had flu or covid, as she has only had one injection, so the meeting was cancelled, and we wait to hear from her, when she is better, or not, as the case may be. Sad, I have to say, I was looking forward to another family addition, but I guess it still might happen.

I decided that rather than mope about, considering we had done our Sunday chores yesterday, to keep the day clear, I would get started on the dog crate, even if there is no new addition, Pepe might like a place to retreat away from Tito, who can be annoying at times.

Yesterday, I finished my new outfeed rollers to sit on top of the saw horse, and support timber being cut on the table saw

the one on the right, was my old version, made when we were at Copacabana, and doesn’t fit well on my new saw horses, the one on the left, is just a block of wood, cut so it can be clamped to the saw horse, and has bearings instead of roller,s so will take wood from any direction.

Firstly I had to plane the timber down to size, which meant taking about 1/4″ off the thickness…yes, most of the time, I still use feet and inches! So out came my planer, and it was time to make shavings!

That done and cleaned up, it was time to cut all the pieces, just because it is quicker, I had found a plan with material and cutting list, which was a time saver.

Out came the table saw, it is far easier to clean up if I move the big tools outside

With all the pieces cut, I now have to pocket hole them, and that will take some time, but once done it should be a piece of cake to glue and screw the whole frame together, and then using some left over plywood from the staircase project, finish it off, before painting or staining it.

I think now I have hit lunchtime, so will see if Marcela fancies sitting and watching a film this afternoon!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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