I decided that it was time for some manual labour, and the first thing on the agenda, was to stop ending up on my backside so many times when negotiating the orchard. It depresses me to watch Marcela’s business Partner working the Avocados like he is a mountain goat, and yet I struggle to get up and down, or vice versa!

I still have a pile of old tyres, from when Jaime and his Crew retrieved them from underground when putting in the new parking area, so it was time to get working.

I have decided that rather than try to create steps from the top to bottom, it is better, and looks better, to put them in ‘short bursts’ on the steepest sections

There was a lot of digging and levelling, albeit it doesn’t look much, but I am still suffering with my hip and back, after the recent fall, so by the time it was finished, my body was aching all over. However if the new section blends in like the one below it, I shall be happy, it will take a few weeks for the grass and weeds to grow back, but it will get there.

Now for the next one….

Yesterday lunchtime, Marcela was browsing her cellphone, as is her want, and suddenly showed me a couple of photos.

It turns out that this is ‘Oreo’, apparently he is a year old, and looking to be rehomed, only living down the road from us.

We talked it over, and to my surprise, Marcela was very keen, I agreed, enthusiastically, on the condition, that the final decision was not ours, but that of Pepe and Tito, and Oreo of course!

So Marcela made contact with the Owner, who said she had had Oreo for eight months, and was going away for an undetermined length of time, so wanted to rehome him, he is fully vaccinated and castrated, ready to move.

We have arranged for a trial day, tomorrow! to see how he gets on with our two, my concern is Tito, he is so possessive and jealous, not very social with other dogs, having been rescued himself, he wants the attention. The Owner is bringing Oreo first thing in the morning, we will take them all on lead for a walk, and if all goes well, she will then leave him for the day, after which a decision will be made, by our four legged family members, so watch this space!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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