Back to Work

Yesterday, morning I received an email confirming that my supporting documents for my new passport, had arrived at the Centre in the UK, which was a relief, I now wait to see how they intend to send it back!

I then had an appointment with the pain Specialist, regarding my knees, she is happy that the injection I had to block the nerves is still working for me, she thinks the effect will last about six months before I need another, which takes us until December.

She told me, that I can keep having the injections until they no longer have any effect, and then they will have to look at Surgery again, whether there is a problem with my bones or not, and if she decides that is the best option, she will make the decision. What a difference from the Vertigo Specialist, this Doc, is friendly, talks at a pace I can follow, and is interested, I have every confidence in her.

Following my appointment, we went for lunch, and then my Mother-in-law and I, went and did some shopping, whilst Marcela returned to the car for her telephone medical consultation. We are certainly getting our monies worth out of the system!

On our way back home we carried on to El Santuario and picked up a couple of parcels that had arrived for me, and then back home, whilst the girls took the Dogs for a walk, I got started on marking and cutting the staircase.

As with all the wood I buy in Colombia, I am not happy with the plywood sheets, I found that one has obviously either been damaged, or had a construction defect, because is had been filled twice with filler, fortunately I can cut around this, or position it so that the damaged area will be on the inside of the staircase and not seen, but it doesn’t make life easy.

I have been storing the plywood in the covered area between the workshop and our drying area, but last night, we had the mother of all storms, rain was lashing down in all directions, and I was rightly worried about the plywood, I ventured out in my pyjamas, and moved the plywood, which was getting wet, into the workshop, I thought I was going to get a soaking, but ended up just a bit damp!

This morning, it was back to work, and I managed to get both sides cut, I actually shortened the first side, because when I tested it alongside the bunkbed, the extra large post was blocking the top step.

Anyone using it, risked falling back down the stairs, I decided that a double width platform gave people room to then climb the last two feet into bed, I hope to reduce this by an inch or two, by using some of the thicker left over timber, from the bunkbeds, to make the top platform. I will also put a hand / grab rail at the top to make it safe.

Some of the ‘waste’ will be used to create a support at the back, and front of the stairs, the rest will be used when building the drawers, nothing will truly go to waste.

It was then time to clean up!

Myself, included!!

Now it’s time for a snooze, I got into the habit of afternoon siesta’s when living in Spain, it’s not so common here, but why break the habit of a ‘lifetime’.

Stay safe!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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