No Peace for the Wicked

This exercise lark is no laughing matter, it was never one of my favourite pass-times, even less so now, but I have started doing my daily exercises on the static bicycle, I am only doing ten minutes a day, eventually I will extend that… a little!

I went back again for my Vertigo therapy on Tuesday, she gave me even more exercises, and had me doing them in the Consulting room, unfortunately there were repercussions, that afternoon, I was in agony, and my knees had swollen up like footballs, Marcela mixed up some Epsom Salts, and soaks the knees, which eventually went down, it may be the case that these exercises wont work for me, simply because of my knees, but I will keep trying them, and see what happens.

At home, Marcela called me the other day, because she had found that the wardrobe in the guest bedroom was wringing wet, we pulled everything out, and unfortunately a lot of bedding was effected by mould, and has had to be thrown out. I took the cover of the ventilation tube I installed last year, but it was bone dry. The shelf in question was wet on top and underneath, it was one I had installed last year, plywood with a spray coating, I don’t think that is the problem, as my desk is made from it, and there is no problem there.

The likely culprit is rising damp in the wall, I thought I could get this sorted, as I had a container of damp proofing liquid you inject into the walls, but on reading it closely, there is an expiry date, and mine expired in 2019, I bought it for a similar problem at our house in Copacabana, but never used it, that was an expensive waste. Now I will have to buy more, tomorrow, if I can source it.

I ripped out the bottom of the wardrobe, and found that like everything else in the house, they were built out of scrap. The original owner, Don Carlos, had this and a neighbour’s house built, and then flipped them, we bought this, from the first buyer, Carlos supposedly a ‘Man of God’, that’s a joke, he should be strung up!

Everything was held together with these tiny angle brackets, which was nothing short of a joke, so maybe this has done me a favour, I will rebuild the bottom of the wardrobe, then in the future, have a look at the one in my room, which is identical.

I could have done without this problem, at the moment

My plywood arrived this morning, you wouldn’t think it at the moment, but hopefully, these four sheets of ply, will turn into a staircase for the bunk-beds, in the not too distant future!

We are trying to get hold of the owner of the land adjoining us, he built a new house, like many here, without permission, and the tenants are in, I have nothing to do with them, apparently he, is a Doctor, probably retired, but I am not sure. However they don’t have a ‘grease trap’ their grey waste water is piped straight into the field, and at the moment let loose into the soil alongside our boundary, we confirmed with Marcela’s Associate in the Avocado business, and that water will poison our trees in time, so something must be done, if he won’t, then we will have no option but to make it official, hopefully he will put in a grease trap, or re-route the water, that’s his problem, as long as it doesn’t effect us.

Today my Mother-in-law arrived (Marcela fetched her) for a month, fortunately we get on well, so there shouldn’t be any problem, I think this is a test run, for what might well end up being a permanent arrangement in the future, she stays in the Cabaña / Apartment, so we all still have our privacy, spending time and eating together during the day. We’ll see how it goes!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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