On Tuesday, we started by going for my weekly Vertigo therapy, and as I haven’t had an episode since my previous appointment two weeks before, it appears to be working, I was hoping she might cut me loose, but not a bit of it, she has given me more exercises, which are even harder to complete!

Following on from that appointment we went to Comfama which is a big Family Park, they are associated with SURA, our Health Care Provider, and where the Drive-In Vaccinations are now taking place. The appointment was at 11.30am, but it was 12.25pm before Marcela had her vaccination, thank goodness we were waiting in the car. As Marcela anticipated, she had the Sinovac vaccine, which wasn’t what she hoped for, but at least she has protection, and her second shot will be in the first week of August.

Wednesday, Jaime arrived with his Crew, and started stripping our roof, looking for the cause of the nightly noise. They firstly found a family of birds, and moved the nest with fledglings into a tree down the garden, there was also bat faeces, but no sign of the bats. Suddenly, one of the Crew shouted out, and all three of them backed off, they had come face to face with a Chucha, or as you will know it a Possum, baring it’s teeth, no way were they going to try moving it, so they found a baton, and dispatched it.

Then disposed of it, well out of reach of Pepe. The roof was then sprayed with poison, and sponges soaked in peppermint oil, following on from that, the tiles were relaid, and cement used to block all accesses…we hope!

Yesterday, I went down the Orchard, and retrieved the wildlife camera, after downloading all the files, I started checking through them, but only came up with this little fella, a red squirrel.

The camera is now back down in the orchard, and hopefully something else will come along!

In the afternoon, we had a call to say my Static Bike had arrived at Jaime’s, so we jumped in the car and fetched it, no one to sit around, I then assembled it. I had been told to buy one by the Orthopaedic Surgeon, to help my knees, but 20 seconds later, I was in agony. It didn’t seem such a good idea, not that it seemed one before, I could think of plenty of tools I could have bought with the same money! However this morning, I tried again, this time releasing all the tension first, and I did ten minutes, before my hip started playing up, so I will build up slowly, if I don’t lose interest altogether.

That’s it for today, time to put my feet up.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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