I had my appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon on July 1st, in the hope he would be able to sort out my knees, but unfortunately that isn’t going to happen, the problem isn’t the bones, apparently I have advanced Artrosis, which is irreversible, and therefore they can only help by Pain Management, which I am already receiving.

I had the nerve block injections, in both knees, and it certainly helps, but I am still limited in how far I can walk, and my hopes of running a marathon, have now vanished! I already have knee braces, but they don’t work for me, so I am buying what are referred to as knee sleeves, and see if they will help, there seem to be mixed reviews, I guess it depends on the individual problem, so I will just have to wait.

As regards my hip, the Surgeon, stated, he didn’t want to operate on that, until I couldn’t bear to walk on it at all, the reason being, prosthetic hips also have a limited life span, which I understand, therefore operating now, may leave me in a wheelchair later, again I understand that, but with our family history, that’s unlikely to be a factor… So for now, it’s grin and bear it.

With regard to the Solar System, we have been having teething problems, and it appears the problems are ours, because we don’t understand the system, which is true. I have a shower every night before going to bed, and at that time the system is obviously running on battery only, immediately after my shower, a red warning light entitled ‘Wiring Fault’ (In English) has been coming on, and as the Engineer did when here, we have been turning it off, and rebooting, but we don’t want to be doing that every night, it will also be a problem when we eventually go on holiday, and family come to look after the Dogs.

Marcela messaged the Engineer each time, but we never got an explanation that made sense, so yesterday, I sent a long message explaining the situation, saying that I now regretted the investment. A while later we received a lengthy reply, in which a full explanation was given, it turns out, that a ‘Wiring Fault’ is not a wiring fault at all, it is a warning light, to say that we are drawing too much power for the batteries to supply us, and therefore it has switched to Mains power, and will switch back, and the light reset to battery power, once we stop using whatever is causing the alert. If that is the case, great! why that wasn’t explained earlier I don’t know, but I’m glad we now know, and we will archive that conversation just in case, it turns out to be a problem later, but for now everything is working fine.

On Saturday, we had some good news, or at least I thought it was, Marcela is now on the active list to have her Covid vaccination, and she has an appointment for a ‘Drive-in’ jab tomorrow morning. However she didn’t seem happy, so I asked why, and she believes that she will be receiving the Sinovac vaccine, which many Countries have yet to accept. I told her that as we have no intention of holidaying abroad in the near future, to accept it, and get some protection, and once the vaccination program is complete, she can choose which vaccine she has in future, even if we have to pay.

This morning Marcela was looking a little happier, she read that the EU was looking at accepting Sinovac, during the coming week, I hope that is the case, then I will have a happier Wife, let’s wait and see.

We still have our Lodger in the roof, Jaime said he was coming today, to do the work to remove and stop it, however, it’s a Religious National Holiday today, it’s already 10.15am, and no sign of him, so I am assuming something else has cropped up, albeit we haven’t heard from him. I don’t think there is time to complete the work now, but we wait and hope.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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