Catch Up… Part 1

When I left, I was in the process of building a double, double bunkbed, and it went well, the hardest part was carrying all the parts into the house, as I had no option but to fully assemble it in situ, which was no mean feat, as these photos show.

Although the bed is rustic, it is not quite as rustic as in the photo, it is so big, in the bedroom, I couldn’t get a straight photo, so had to do a panorama sweep, and my hands aren’t that steady.

I then polished the whole frame, using my homemade beeswax polish, and fitted the slats

We had decided to make the most of the space available here, we also have the Cabaña / apartment with a double. With the bunkbeds, we have two further doubles, and decided to add a single platform bed to go under, giving us space for a total of seven guests, so that was the next phase.

This was the dry fit, I then burnt all the cut ends and screw holes in the exterior frame, and screwed it together.

Over the next few days I installed the individual reading lights, and the mattresses. I now just have to construct a storage staircase to fit at the bottom of the bed, that has taken longer to decide on a design, due to space constraints, but I think I now know how it will go.

You may have noticed, that the bed changed position from the first photo of the whole frame above, that is because it was taking up too much room, leaving no room for the single platform. I made the mistake of trying to move it on my own, even though I have glued sliders under each leg, the fact that they are 6″x6″ and the frame 2″x10″ makes it extremely heavy, and I think I did some damage to myself in the process.

Anyway with the help of Marcela and a Neighbour we managed to get it in place.

I decided that some sort of storage was needed to put the false teeth, or mobile phones, so threw together a couple of wall shelves, one for the bunkbed and another for the Cabaña

We have since had visitors, and these worked as intended, so I am pleased with the result.

Going back to my ‘injury’, I thought it was just muscular and I would work through it, but a month later, I am still suffering, so it looks like something else to add to the Doctors list!

To be cont’d.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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