Falling to Bits

 Sorry to have not posted for a while, I\’ll explain later.

The bedroom floor was completed, and looks lovely

More to the point, we don\’t have to worry about going through the floor, although like the lounge, it turned out to only have moved an inch or so, due to poor workmanship.

The final job for Jaime was to re-felt part of the house roof, and that has been done

Photos courtesy to Jaime…You didn\’t expect me to get up there did you?

February 19th was Marcela and my 9th Wedding Anniversary, how time flies, but because it fell during the week, we had arranged to go for a meal the  following Sunday, and that had to be cancelled, because in the early hours of Saturday, I had an attack, of what the Doc thinks is Vertigo, I am still having tests to try and resolve it. Anyway the attacks continued throughout Saturday, and Marcela contacted the Emergency Doctor during the evening, who prescribed medication.

Marcela was able to find a Chemist to deliver, and within an hour of taking the tablets the vertigo and nausea had subsided, but I have been left with a balance problem.

My first set of tests, have shown I have an inner ear problem, the Specialist thinks that with therapy it can be rectified, however apparently I do have a degree of hearing loss, and in time may need a hearing aid.

All this has restricted my activities, I only drive if Marcela is with me, in case I need to stop and hand over to her, which hasn\’t happened yet, but I\’m not taking any risks.  Activity at home is down to minor jobs, although the last two days, I did escape down to the Abyss, and do some work, and then get a telling off on my return, but I could take the telling off, just to be doing some physical labour again.

I have more ear tests in a couple of weeks, and appointments for my knees the second week in April, so it will be back to the appointment circuit again shortly. 

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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