Getting There

 Christmas and New Year came and went, as did our Family! and it was time to get stuck into work again, but first it was time to admit that I am another year older, at the time, we had few restrictions, so Marcela took me out for lunch, we went to a Restaurant in Marinilla, \’Elemental\’, 

Lovely food, could just have done with a bit more of it!

We went early, even though we had booked it is no guarantee if there is a queue outside, and it is a popular location. By the time we left, they were turning people away.

It was a lovely meal, with great Company, in a great location, who could ask for more.

Now at least I can forget Birthdays (mine) for another year! 😂

It was time to get serious again, and back to work.
That meant fencing, and facing the trips up and down into the Abyss, both carrying tools and equipment, and the wooden posts, I will argue with any Doctor who says that does not constitute exercise, every day I worked down there, I finished looking as if I had been in a sauna, had to strip of then hobble into the shower.

As a result, I am nearly done, I am about four metres from the bottom of the orchard, only another two posts to go, then I have to decided if I am going to clear the final bank down to the brook / stream, if so, I will continue the fencing once it is cleared.

At the moment my favourite tool is a billhook

it\’s small, but does a far better job than a machete, I couldn\’t find them over here, I had to send for it, via Amazon, I just hope all the noise I make, means I don\’t come across any snakes, because this would be a bit close for comfort.

It\’s not the most professional job in the world, but at least our boundary is clearly marked again. Hopefully it will be finished next week.

This week, my wildlife camera arrived, again from Amazon, wasting no time, I took it down and set it up overlooking one of the entrances to the burrow in the Abyss, I shouldn\’t have rushed it, because I went down yesterday and found… nothing, it wasn\’t working. I brought it back up, and spent an hour or two playing with it.

My fault, I had formatted the sd card on my computer, not in the camera, so after a couple of successful trials, I took it back down into the Abyss, and will leave it there a few days, before going back to it. Hopefully I will have some video to show you by the time I publish a post.

We are back in 100% lockdown, I would like to say that it is because the Departmental Governor is concerned for our Health, but in reality, we have been locked down for a week, so the majority can\’t cause any problems by celebrating \’The Kings\’. As it was, we could only leave the house every other day, and this latest measure,was announced on Thursday afternoon, our day to go out, but we had enough in to last us until Saturday, so had not been out, as a result, we did a mad dash to the Supermarket, and have enough until the middle of this next week. The lockdown ends Tuesday morning, unless they extend it, will will just have to wait and see.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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