Party Time

 Since work on the house has come to an end for the moment, my posts will not be as regular, I don\’t see the point in boring you with mundane day to day rubbish. Shortly I will be starting on some woodwork projects so will keep you updated on those.

Last Sunday we had the finishing Party for all the workers and their families, most of them attended, those that didn\’t had other commitments, which is understandable. Marcela did a great job in organising all the food, drink and tables and chairs, it was easier for her to be the go between, rather than people keep saying they didn\’t understand.

We were also lucky with the weather, it turned out to be3 a lovely day, only starting to rain, after everyone had gone home, and we had just finished clearing up, with the help of our neighbours Camilo and Marta. We also had hired help during the day, paying the Mother of one of the workers to help Marcela out in the kitchen, it worked out well.

I started cooking the meat at 9.30am in the morning in our new barrel smoker, I had to cook in two sessions, as we had 25lbs of meat, and there was no way it was all going to fit in at the same time, each took about two and a half hours.

Here are links to a few photos and videos of the day, which I am told was enjoyed by all. I apologise for this method of showing the photos, but unbeknown to me, LG have ceased all support for their 360º camera, I can\’t even edit the photos, so the quality leaves a lot to be desired. I have a new camera on order, but until then…

1. The Party has begun

2. It\’s a little warm

3. Great Weather

4. I did my cooking well away from the kids to avoid any accidents


2nd session of Cooking

The nice part was that no one had to worry about drink driving, as we put on a Bus for them, which everyone used.

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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