What a Day!

It has been a bugger of a day to say the least! It rained all morning, more or less putting a stop to any work by Jaime and the Team, in the mean time I was working out in the workshop, trying to fill any wall space that won\’t be needed for the temporary lounge and kitchen.

I now have all my clamps stored on the walls.

I really have come to a full stop until I can build shelves to go along the main wall.

Once work was able to start again, they got the roof on the extension, which is now more or less water tight, the new metal back door arrived with extra strong locks on  the door and the outer reja, unfortunately the door had not been finished to standard, which Jaime accepted, and after a conversation, we were told the fabricator will finish it properly when he comes to install the metal guttering.

Our Kitchen fitter also arrived for a final measure up, and also quoted to replace all the interior doors and frames, this we accepted, and paid our deposit, he has said the kitchen will be ready for June 15th, which Jaime has said subject to there being no surprises once he opens up the floor, will be fine, which means we will only be living in the workshop for a little over two weeks!

We also had two Dumper deliveries one of sand and the other gravel,  and tomorrow we have another lorry coming with another load of 250 concrete blocks…Help!

I\’ll take some more photos tomorrow, in the mean time, stay safe.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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