Pot of Gold?

Yesterday, we had a visit from our friend and Estate Agent, Omar, he, Jaime and I went down the garden to look at the animal burrows, and there was fresh activity, which was interesting. On the way down they spotted a plant, which I had no idea as to what it was, they informed me that it was a Yacon, I was non the wiser, other than it had tubers, which looked a bit like Yucca.

I was informed that the tubers of this plant are sought after, they are used to control diabetes, and sell at $5000 a kilo, which is about £1.17, which here is very expensive. They are eaten raw in salads, or on their own, so we stood in the garden, looking like prize prats eating Yacon, it is quite sweet, has a similar texture to carrot, but otherwise doesn\’t have much flavour, if it works, I  can understand the demand.

So this morning I went down and dug up the yacon, having prepared a strip of land to plant the tubers,

I honestly have no idea how they should be grown, so decided to plant them, in the same way I would have planted potatoes back home.

Now we wait to see if they grow!

Last night we had some sad news, our run of luck in town has run out, we have our first positive case of Coronavirus, a five year old child…How did she catch it?, her Parents took her to Medellin, and then onto another town, breaking the strict lockdown, so a stupid decision by the parents has put us all in jeopardy, and probably extended our lockdown. I feel sorry for the child, but they can lock up the parents and throw away the key, for their selfish stupidity.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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