Builders Merchants

Tuesday was my day of freedom, so I took the trailer and bought 20 wooden posts, I bought the cheapest they had as they wont be on view, and are only to hold up the barbed wire between us and the neighbours.

Back home the Team, helped my unload them, then I got to work preserving the bottom section of each post that will be underground.

Whilst doing this, we had a message that our security fencing was arriving, mesh, posts, barbed wire and razor wire, we are not ready for it to be erected yet, there is another major project in the house, but at the price and quality, we couldn\’t not buy it and save ourselves a bundle of cash.

The problem was that the parking area, was full of sand, gravel, and my workshop bench, the side lawn was already filling up, with recycled timber, my posts, and now the fencing.

To top it off, our neighbour gave us contact details for a bloke selling top quality concrete blocks at trade prices, so Jaime and I went to see him, and paid for nearly 1000 blocks, which we have agreed to take delivery over a three to four week period, so it doesn\’t leave him without stock for his regulars.We wont need them for at least six weeks, so it wont be a problem. These blocks will form the base under the security fencing.

I could almost open up shop as a Builders Merchants!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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