I\’ve been taking it easy this week, Marcela\’s orders…I don\’t always listen, but I was happy to do very little this week.

We have made the decision that the Nissan X-Trail is going to have to go, it has been a very costly experience, and we are still not happy with it, so when we get back from holidays, we are selling it, I think I have persuaded Marcela that even an older Montero is better than any Nissan.

The bike on the other hand, I am really enjoying, unfortunately it developed a knock mid week, I took it to the Mechanic, who thinks it may be the valve, so I dropped it off with him yesterday, and he has all week to sort it out, I will ring him on our return to see if it is ready. Whilst down town, I went to the Dentist to have my stitches out, and they gave me an appointment to finish the work they started.

Tonight, well the early hours we leave for our week in the Dominican Republic, I am looking forward to the break, but we have seen mixed reviews on the country, so we\’ll travel with an open mind. The dogs know something is up, they are not happy, but Henry arrived on Friday, and he will look after them and the house.

There are definite advantages to having the internet, I have been able to obtain our flight tickets, Check-in to the airport for both legs of the journey, and obtain our Boarding Passes, it really cuts down on queuing  time. I have also been able to Book into the Hotel on-line, now I just have to hope that they have our transport waiting at the Airport.

That\’s me done for a week at least, unless I get bored, and they have a good wi-fi connection!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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