Teething Problems

The last week has been totally upside down, it started with a visit to the Dentist for a clean and some work, I was ready to scream at them, because I had had my annual check up three weeks before, and at the time the Dentist had done a lot of prodding, where they had been pain free all year, by the time she had finished, I had problems.

I arrived for the clean, which is normally done first, but this youngster decided she would do the work first, and before she started said it might take more than one appointment, I told that I hoped not, I had waited three weeks, and they knew what work was needed, and should have allowed the time.

Anyway she got underway, drilled, filled and drilled again in the same spot, then stopped, and said I needed an x-ray, which she took, then said I needed an extraction, as the tooth was bad, where it entered the bone. I told her to get on with it then, but she said she could do no more until it had been authorised by my Provider. She said good-bye then started to walk off, I was fuming, and asked her about the clean and other work, she shrugged her shoulders, I said you have started work on the tooth, knowing I am going on holiday next week, left me with a big hole, and I know that if I have trouble whilst away, my insurance wont cover it, knowing I was in the middle of treatment. She told me that if the authorisation didn\’t come through I could go to the Emergency treatment.

I left, and informed Marcela, who climbed the roof, firstly she rang them, but the girl, which is what she was, was busy, so after work she went and confronted her, and seeing Marcela with her eyes popping out of her head, is no fun event! She agreed to try and get the authorisation rushed through, or arrange for me to attend for emergency treatment.

That night, I went down with a virus, and spent the next two days in bed or the bathroom, the authorisation for dental treatment couldn\’t be rushed, so that left me Saturday for the treatment, if I wanted it before our hols, however Friday night, it was still touch and go, as to whether I would have recovered sufficiently to sit through it.

Saturday morning, I went, fortunately saw another Dentist with more experience, who after world war three, managed to get the tooth out, she said it was one of the biggest she had seen, which in turn means I now have an extra big gap, and at the moment four stitches, which I have to have out next Saturday.

How things change…in the past Dentists have all told me to swill my mouth regularly with warm water and salt, but my Dentist, said no, definitely not, just keep it clean, and no exercising for three days on anything that results in puffing air in and out of my mouth.

There has been some pain, but nothing unbearable, the first two days I lived on Marcela\’s homemade soup, which were very tasty, now I am eating normally, well within reason, as I am not sure I have totally shaken off the virus, as my stomach keeps reminding me.

This morning, I have been hedgecutting and some other gardening, before the rains come down again later.

I will leave some gardening for Henry, who will be here looking after the house and the boys whilst we are away. He is arriving on Friday.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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