Motorcycle Taxi

Another week has gone by, not a lot to show for it, my days have been mucked up to a degree, because without a car, I have been running Marcela from home to Niquia, which is on our side of Bello, and then she has caught the bus to work, it was the only way we could do it, because at the moment there is a local rule, that no Motorcyclist can carry a pillion passenger in Bello, because of the drive by shootings. It hasn\’t changed the number of deaths, but has proved very inconvenient. Although, I am told by family, that there are a number of menacing looking armed men in uniform, to be found prowling the back streets. Apparently they are another branch of the Policía Nacional, but brutal, more akin to mercenaries than the normal Police or Military, their job is to remove armed gangs not arrest them.

Then I have had return to Niquia for 2pm, to collect Marcela to come home, that has been my excuse to have lunch out this week.

Anyway, we went today to collect the Nissan, Marcel\’s Uncle, has opened up the engine and hopefully all is repaired, we left home about 11am, rode to Medellin on the bike, collected the car, and we both went to the Hypermarket, to get my orange marmalade, and to have lunch, then over the road to Makro and stocked up, as the cupboard was nearly bare, after which we made our way home. We don\’t do convoys, it is in my opinion, dangerous, you spend more time concentrating on the other vehicle than on the road. Anyway, I arrived home first, and had time to put the bike away before Marcela arrived. Now we give the car a few days trial to see if everything is OK.

Tomorrow, Marcela is going early morning shopping in the City, to get her bits for our upcoming holidays, I will nip down town to get a few bits I forgot today, and then I am gardening, weather allowing.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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