What a Week!

Thank goodness Pepe seems to be improving, his sneezing has all but stopped, and he is now on different food, with no human leftovers, but now Tito has started sneezing, anyone who tells me that sneezing in dogs, is nothing to do with colds, is going to get a thump.

I went down town yesterday, at 7.40am, for my dental appointment, it was just a check up, but this year I do need some work, so I picked up the order for that to be done, and was then told to ring in 25 working days for an appointment, which takes me to the end of March, this is getting more like the UK every day!

I then had a 9am Doctors appointment for my Blood Pressure check, which was fine, whilst there he went over my medical diary, he had asked me to keep, which included my \’black-out\’, which no longer causes any problems, and problems with my leg following the motorcycle accident, that continues to be a problem, so he gave me an order for some tests at the Cardio-Vascular Clinic,  Marcela rang them this morning, and they have a backlog, so my appointment isn\’t until after our holiday in April.

After seeing the Doc, which always takes 30-40 minutes for a 10 minute slot, much to the annoyance of waiting patients, because we always have a natter! I went to the Pharmacy up the road to collect my prescription, because I have a an extra health plan, and my age, I should get preferential access, but after waiting over an hour, there was no sign of me being dealt with, I was just about to give in my ticket, when she beckoned me over, looked at my ticket, and said I had made the wrong choice on the machine…no I hadn\’t, the fault was theirs, she knew I was on the extra plan, which proved that, she was new, I had never seen her before, o it certainly wasn\’t prior knowledge. I told her I wasn\’t waiting any longer, and would return another day.

Today, I will go back to the Pharmacy, and then on the Bello to do a bit of shopping, but now I have to be careful which parts I ride in as there is a war going on between eight Crime Gangs, the Mayor has called in the Military and more Police to try and combat it, which after him saying there wasn\’t a problem in the area, and that it was fake news, is a bit of a joke. At the moment, not a day goes past without another dead body being shown in the Press.

The problem is that the Mayor and certain Police are known to be affiliated with one of the Crime Gangs, and nobody seems interested in putting a stop to that.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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