Another Year Passes

Yesterday, February 19th, was our seventh wedding anniversary, where does the time go? it has flown, it certainly doesn\’t feel that long.

So last night we went to one of our favourite Restaurants, Guadaloupe, in Bello, as the name suggests it is Mexican, the food is fantastic, good quantities, and we have never had a bad meal there.

It was nice, because they had only re-opened the week before after a refurbishment.

 They have made an excellent job of the refurb, we had a chat with the owner whilst waiting for our first course to arrive,, and he is rightly proud of the restaurant, he now has three or four, but this was his first.

We then received our first course which was not what we had ordered, albeit it looked delicious, so the owner sent it back, and unbeknown to us, had ordered the Waiter to give us complementary drinks of Tequila, I explained that I do not drink, but thanked him all the same, however they left the second glass for Marcela, who thoroughly enjoyed

it, Tequila being one of her favourites, and I am glad she did, we looked up the brand when we got home, and it out of my price bracket!

The entrada arrived, we had ordered one for two, I am glad we did, if I was younger I could probably have polished it off, but not now. It was excellent, and so was the following main course, absolutely faultless, neither of us could clean our plates.

We were both happy that the meal had gone so well, and left the Owner and his photographer taking photos of plates of their food for, I presume publicity purposes.

Then it was back home, and clutching our bellies, wondering how on earth we were going to sleep!

Today, I have been finishing off a project, that I have done on and off all week, and that was the annual maintenance of my trailer

This is the \’Before\’ photo

I stripped off all the bits that were easy to disassemble (mudguards, spare wheel, tail board), sanded it down, then painted the inside black, and bought teak oil for the outside, but it needed five coats, before it looked presentable, now I just have to re-install the tailboard, and it is ready for another year.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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