The End of an Era!

A sad day for the family, my Uncle who was a confirmed Bachelor, my Father\’s younger Brother was found dead at his home by the Police this morning, he was 86 years of age, and according to my Brother who spoke with him this week, he still totally with it.

At the moment, we don\’t know the circumstances, it will probably be a week or so, before we know more.

I was always very close to Mike, and used to call on him in the south of the country, when I drove back to the UK when I lived in Spain, but for some reason, he took exception to my move to Colombia, and didn\’t answer my calls, I respected his wish, and lost contact with him, a couple of years ago, but I was kept up to date on his health by my Brother.

Now that really makes me feel old, as I am now the eldest living Sale, of our branch of the family!

Today, we are having more wind than usual, and no, I haven\’t been eating beans!! Out of the sun, it is quite cool, and the trees are getting a good shaking, whether that is a sign of more rain to come, I don\’t know, if it is, the bike will be getting less use that is for sure.

I think we will be spending much of the afternoon having a siesta, we had a rough night, the Finca de Recreo at the rear of us is being rented out this week-end, and we had loud music until gone 2.30am, fortunately the one at the side of us, hasn\’t been rented out for a couple of months, as it has been sold, but the new owners are doing work on it, ready to start again, so the sooner we can sell the better.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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