Did the Earth Move for You?

The weather can\’t make up it\’s mind whether we are in winter or summer, it is really strange. Night time we have started getting rain again, it is grey and overcast when we get up, but by mid morning the sun is cracking the flags. We certainly need the rain, our lawn turned brown, and crispy, so last week I started watering it, but there is no need at the moment.

We had more Viewers last Sunday, it looked really promising, and they were cash buyers to, but they must have found somewhere else cheaper, because we have heard no more, which is a shame, I have learned over the years not to get excited until pen is put to paper, but this is the first time Marcela has been through the process, and it is really getting to her.

This week I have been doing odd jobs, painting the roadside furniture, repairing the the swimming pool wall, which despite all the work Henry and I did on it last year, has moved and cracked again, stripped and re-grouted the en-suite shower room and the list goes on. I do wonder how I ever had time to go to work, I seem to have a full time job here.

I have been struggling with my legs this week, for some reason my left foot has been swelling up to the extent, it felt as if the skin was going to burst, so I tried for two days coming off the Natural tablets I have been taking for years now, for the pain in my knees, but within 24hrs, I could hardly walk, so went back on them last night, and everything was fine this morning. Whether the swollen foot is connected with the injury from coming off the motorcycle I have no idea, but the leg is still giving me gyp, and is still bruised, I put it down to age, but maybe there is more. Fortunately the dangerous section of the road, has now been repaired, so hopefully no more spills.

This afternoon, I was sat in the Office, when the windows started rattling, and my chair moved with me in it, another earthquake somewhere not too far away, it made me glad that I renewed my house insurance last month!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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