End of my Freedom!

On Tuesday, I took the boys for their wash and brush up, and they came back feeling a lot more comfortable.

and not quite so wild!

On Wednesday, I took the car, and had a new radio fitted, Marcela likes to connect her phone, not for calls but for her music, so we needed one that has Bluetooth.

As long as it worked and was cheap, I wasn\’t bothered, and it was fitted free, to be honest it looks quite good, so I am pleased with it, and as I was then going to visit Marcela at the shop, she was over the moon, and can\’t wait to reclaim the car!

Yesterday, I spent the morning working, I cut the hedges, did some painting of the roadside furniture (chain posts and the white rocks). I also stripped out  the grout in the en-suite shower room, and re-grouted it, whilst Marcela was away. The constant pounding of shower water over the years had pitted the existing grout, and it wasn\’t looking so good, but with the multi-tool to remove the old stuff, it was an easy job.

This morning I will go to town, and buy fruit and vegetables, ready for her ladyship, who I have to go and collect tonight. I did make her the offer of a second week away, but she was not that impressed, so it looks as if my freedom has come to an abrupt end.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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