It Pays to Moan!

After all the problems, and moaning both face to face and on Social Media, the Alcaldía de Copacabana have finally repaired the dangerous corner, and are in the process of patching the dozens of potholes down the rest of the road, they certainly are not getting a pat on the back, because they caused the problems in the first place.\’, but it\’s nice not to have to worry about being thrown off the bike, or damaging the car.

We finally got the document we have been waiting for from the Alcaldía de Copacabana so that we can alter the escritura / deeds, however our problems haven\’t stopped there, because we then have to submit the documents firstly to the Notary (Notaría unica de Copacabana), and then the Registry (Registradría de Giradota), simple you would think, but it\’s not, and I do wonder how they people command any salary at all.

We went to the Notary last week, Marcela explained what we needed, and asked for advise, at first we were told we needed another document, but unlike other Notaries they didn\’t supply that service, so we would have to pay someone else to do it, that someone \’just happened\’ to be sat at a desk nearby, he doesn\’t work for the Notary, and we don\’t guarantee his work, they said. Marcela spoke to him, and he told us it would cost one months minimum salary or $828000 COP just to fill in one sheet of paper…yeah right!

We went home, Marcela nearly in tears from all the stress, I suggested she ring other Notaries, which she did, however first she spoke to the Notary, herself, in Copacabana, who was very offhand with her, and said it was not for them to advise us, they just completed what we asked for, whether it was right or wrong. We then found that we did not have to use the one in Copacabana, and after many inquiries we are now using one in Bello, the problem is although they know what is needed , the final decision is not with them, it is with the Registrar in Giradota, where the property is registered, apparently she is the most awkward  one in the area, and will change what is needed at the flip of a hat.

It was suggested that maybe we should talk to an Abogado / Lawyer, but if the decision is in the hands of the Registrar, why pay out even more for what could be nothing?

Marcela rang the Registrar in Giradota, and received the same reply as from the Notary, they don\’t give advice, they just rubber stamp the documents, if they are right, and that is for us to ensure, if they are wrong, we still have to pay, but then submit the right documents, and pay again.

Marcela has taken the documents to the Assesor  at the Notary at Bello, who has said he believes he knows which will be acceptable, but there are two options, so we are going ahead, with the first, in the hope it will pass, if not it\’s money down the drain, and we will have to go for the second option. We go at 8am tomorrow morning to sign the new Escritura, and pay our fee of about $170,000 COP.

I really can\’t believe how unhelpful the Government Offices are here, maybe we are just unlucky, but I suspect it is nationwide.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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