Good News For a Change

We had another family come to look at the house on Sunday, lovely family, but a bit dim! they liked the property but wanted more land, now if they had bothered to read the advert before coming, they would have seen exactly the size of the plot, they want to experiment with growing their own food, so this place is not for them…Oh well, at least the house was clean and tidy!

Yesterday we finally heard from Marcela\’s Uncle, he only got around to looking at the Nissan in the morning, but he had two Diesel Mechanics look at it, and they didn\’t think anything was wrong with the engine, or anything else for that matter, most of the problems having been created by Javier, so he undid Javier\’s work, and took it for it\’s Revision Tecnico, which was due this Saturday anyway, it sailed through with one warning, which he is repairing at the moment, and we should have the car back tomorrow, or by the week-end at the latest.

That was welcome news, so unless anything else crops up, the bill will be hundreds of thousands, instead of millions, I\’m happy with that, I am just angry that Javier made us pay out for new injectors, when possibly we didn\’t need them, at least they won\’t need replacing, and i am keeping the old ones as spares.

Yesterday, I lost my shopping, after taking Marcela to work, I went to Copacabana to do the shopping, I buy a little each day, as I only have the bike panniers, which are leather bags, but yesterday I had to get milk, which is probably the heaviest of our purchases, six litres in a packet. As I was riding back up the mountain, I passed a bloke I know, going the other way in his car, and he pointed at the bike, but as everything seemed OK, I kept going, only to find at home, that the milk pannier had broken it\’s straps, and was dragging on the floor, fortunately not much damage to the bag, only the straps, but the pannier was empty.

I made my way back down the mountain, and came across the same Bloke at the junction with the Motorway, I told him, I hadn\’t realised what he was trying to tell me, and he asked me to wait, and went into his car, and came out with my shopping, along with one of the bike locks…bless him, fortunately the only thing lost was my plastic spring which warns me the bike lock in on the wheel, but I can live without that. Now I need to get new straps for the bags!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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