I can turn my hand to most things!

We are still confined to two wheels, I had the indicator repaired on Monday, he replaced all the electrical cables running around the rear mudguard, as they were all damaged, the cost…£5!

Marcela contacted her Uncle yesterday, and it turns out that he hasn\’t even started work on the Nissan engine yet, he had to get rid of the cars he was already working on, which is understandable if a bit frustrating, he said he should have an idea of the cost by the week-end, he wanted to do the work himself, and not hand it off to one of his labourers, because that was what caused the problem between us a few years ago. So we wait with bated breath.

In the mean time I am what is locally referred to as a \’mototaxista\’, a motorcycle taxi, as I have to take and collect Marcela from work, which has been fine until today, when winter returned, with daytime rain, so I am not looking forward to the next week at least, until we get the car back.

We made the decision to advertise the Finca ourselves, I have put it on a number of  websites, and it appears to be paying off, we have had a steady stream of calls enquiring about the property, if we can sell it ourselves, that will save us nearly $10.000.000 COP in commission, which with the recent change in tax laws, to enable the Government to further fill it\’s coffers, would be a welcome benefit. We have got someone coming to view on Saturday, since we have not yet heard back from the couple last week, anyone coming to look is a bonus.

One woman rang the other day, she was very interested, until she heard that we lived in the house, and would have to find another before we could move out, as she wanted to be in by February 15th, we told her that at best it would be six weeks, and that was if the house we buy, is vacant possession.

So my day is much the same every day at the moment, I get up at 5.30am, prepare Marcela\’s breakfast, which she takes to work with her, shower, walk the dogs, then have my breakfast, before setting off for Bello at 7.50am, drop Marcela off, then head back to Copacabana to do the shopping, I do a little each day, which is all I can carry on the Bike, then head home, depending on the time, I might stop off for an early Brunch, once home I do a bit of gardening, and then if I haven\’t stopped off on the way home, have lunch, before sitting at my computer for an hour, then tack up again, to go and fetch Marcela at 2pm, and heading home for a siesta.

At least if I can do a few jobs each day, I can keep on top of the garden, or anything else that needs doing.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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