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Yesterday, Marcela e out for a belated Birthday lunch, it was to a Restaurant we go to once a year for the Sobrebarriega (baked flank steak) it is delicious, but as you get older the portion is really too big, and I struggled, however left with an empty plate, unlike Marcela who brought some of hers home for tea.

We had gone early because the appointment with the Comisionista was at 3pm for a potential Buyer to view the house, at 4.50pm, Marcela contacted one of the two Partners, who said, no the appointment is tomorrow (Monday) at 3pm not today, fortunately Marcela had the confirmation from the other Partner on her Whatsapp, so there was no argument, and an apology was made.

Today at midday, Marcela contacted the Partner again to confirm the appointment, and was told that the client was not theirs, but of another Comisionista, therefore the fee would be 4% not 3% as agreed. Marcela said she would speak to me first. We discussed it, firstly when we agreed to go on this Comisionista\’s books, she had said 4%, but as all the others were 3%, we had turned her down (she approached us, not the other way around), secondly we have no proof there is another Comisionista in the mix, it could be just a way to raise her fee again, and every percentage point is $3.000.000+  so it\’s not cheap. We agreed to tell her to forget it if she wouldn\’t accept 3%, she wouldn\’t so that\’s another Viewer bites the dust. I am not really that concerned at the moment, because we can\’t sell before January 15th anyway because of the problems at the Town Hall.

I have also started putting out our own adverts, if we can sell direct, we will save a minimum of $9.000.000, giving us more room to negotiate on the price, it\’s just the risk of unaccompanied Viewing that we would have to be careful of.

Anyone interested in buying a rural house? You can view it Here.


Phone call at 2.30pm, from the Comisionista, the potential buyers were insisting on viewing the house, so it was a run around panic, to tidy up yet again, and they arrived, as usual I stayed out of the way with the dogs, and let Marcela do the leg work, they were certainly interested, but now they have to see if they can sort things out with the Bank, so we are not counting our chickens…just yet! As for the Comisionista, she is just a pain!

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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