Car Saga Cont\’d

This morning we went to take the boys for a wash, cut and brush up, on the way back, I noticed we had black smoke, to cut a very long story short, it would appear that the problem was not with the injectors at all, but with the \’valve\’, I have no idea what valve, but whatever it is, is only $600.000, so it looks as if I have spent $5.000.000 unnecessarily and now have to find the money for the valve and fitting, OK I guess at least we wont have to worry about the injectors in the near future, but it is certainly turning a reasonably priced car, into a damned expensive one.

I know I spent a lot on the Montero when I first bought it, it is certainly a risk with any second hand vehicle, but I had diesel after diesel when I was in the UK, and had no problems with any of them, I can only hope that once we get this sorted out, that it gives us years of trouble free motoring.

Anyway, we found out today, that Javier, our mechanic\’s knowledge of diesels is limited, so after five years of going to him, we will be looking for another Mechanic.

On the way home, we picked up the boys from the Peluquería, a couple of hours late, so they received a tip to keep them on side, and back home for lunch at 3pm.

Late this afternoon we had a call from one of the Comisionistas selling our house, to ask if she could bring someone tomorrow at 3pm, apparently it\’s a cash buyer, so now we are arranging the house yet again, in the hope they turn up this time, and keeping our fingers crossed that they are interested enough to make an offer.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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