Busy Week!

Thursday, I stayed at home, the Local Authority were working on our road, and it was supposedly shut to traffic all morning, although in the end I think it was only shut altogether for a couple of hours, I cut the grass, and trimmed the hedges.

Friday morning, I went over to Bello on the bike, picked up the Nissan from the shop, and went to have a complete set of five new tyres fitted, I had ordered them online, and they were delivered to a local Tyre center, the only condition was that, I had to pay for balancing and alignment to fulfill the guarantee, unfortunately they found that the  left arm had too much play in it, so we have got to get Javier to replace it, and take it back for the alignment. That doesn\’t say much for the independent survey we paid for!

That took me to 11.30am, by the time I had returned and picked up my bike, it was too late for a brunch. Knowing also that our road was going to be shut supposed to be shut until 2pm, I went to Copacabana, did a bit of shopping and went for lunch, the unfortunate thing was whilst there, I forgot all about the road closure, and headed home, arriving in the road about 1.10pm, to find a long row of parked vehicles, waiting for the road to open, being on the bike I was able to get to the head of the queue, where I sat for 20 minutes, until someone said they were letting bikes through, albeit I had seen none pass, so I said I would try it, after all, they could only stop me.

As I headed up to the roadworks a string of bikes came down, and seconds later the road was re-opened to all traffic, but they still hadn\’t finished the work, so I guess they will close it for a third day, but there has been no announcement as to when.

The work has to be done, I just wish that there was better communication from the Authorities, and better workmanship as well, because although they have stripped 2\” off the surface, it wasn\’t leveled, so the re-finished surface isn\’t level either, and they are only cutting and replacing sections where the potholes are at their worst, and some were 9\” deep or more! Dangerous for all vehicles, but especially bikes.

Yesterday, Marcela and I got up at 5.30am, we had to have the Nissan on the other side of the city for 8am, to have the tow bar fitted, I went on the bike, and brought Marcela home, stopping for breakfast on the way. We returned to collect it for 3pm, another job completed. Marcela hasn\’t forgotten how to be a pillion passenger, she was great! We have just got to play with the intercom system a bit, she could hear me loud and clear, but I couldn\’t hear her at all,  it was either the microphone placement, in her helmet, or the ear pads in mine.

After all our rushing around this week, today, has been a leisurely one, I was up at my usual time, but Marcela had a lie in, we have been out for lunch, and had a siesta this afternoon, much more the pace I believe someone who is retired should enjoy!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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