You Learn Something Knew Every Day!

I decided yesterday that this morning I would be up bright and early and take the Enfield down for a full service, in preparation for that, I pulled the bike out to check it\’s tyre pressures, only to find the rear tyre had a puncture.

This is certainly one downside to the Royal Enfield, as it has inner tubes, so using temporary foam spray is not an option, the tube has to be repaired or replaced.

I turned to my old friend YouTube, on how to remove the wheel, it is relatively easy as long as you have the right tools. Unfortunately I didn\’t, I needed a 24mm spanner or socket, and my largest was 22m, there was one in the bike tool kit, but I couldn\’t budge it, the nut had obviously been put on with an air compressor, so at least I needed a socket and wrench.

I nipped down town, in the hope the Hardware store would be open, and sure enough it was, so I got a socket and a spanner, giving my two options. I then called at a motorcycle spares shop, they said they had the tubes and it could be repaired there.

Back home the wheel came off easily, and with Marcela\’s help, I lifted the bike, whilst she dragged the wheel out.

It was just before midday, I decided to risk that the shop was open until 2pm,, so loaded it in the back of the car, and headed back to Copacabana. The shop had the right inner tube, but then told me to take it to the workshop two doors down, which was the one who repaired the footpeg, there was a queue for puncture repairs and tyre replacements, so I waited and watched, and learned.

The lad was repairing a puncture, he removed one side of the tyre with their machine, then poured half a small bottle of coca cola into the tyre, followed by two packets of maize flour, and swished it about, after which he replaced the tyre, and did the usual test with water and washing up liquid, no leak…amazing, how long the repair would last is anyone\’s guess, but it certainly worked there and then.

Shortly after it was my turn, and in seconds the new tube was on the wheel, and I was ready to leave, £3 for the tube and £1.50 for the install, a bargain.

Before leaving I asked about the service I intended to come for, but he said he was too busy Monday and to be there 8am Tuesday, which is what I will do.

Back home, Marcela, helped me get the wheel back in place, we then had lunch, after which I finished installing the wheel. The nice thing about this bike, is that when you have the right tools it is so easy to work on, the rear wheel is not connected to the chain and sprockets, just remove one rod and slide it out, another first for me!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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