Bye Bye Baby!

Yesterday, I finally said good bye to my Montero with some sadness, yes over the last four years she has cost me some money, but considering she was 23 years old, I had developed an affection for her…don\’t tell Marcela!

I went over to the shop at 9am, and met with the buyer and his Gestor, I then went off with the Gestor to have my signature notarised, whilst I was doing that the buyer went home to collect the cash, which he then left with Marcela, but not before she had counted it, bless her. I spent the rest of the morning pottering, and had lunch, then returned to the shop to collect Marcela, and we headed home.

This morning, we were up bright and early, as we had to be over the other side of San Juan to get an estimate for the new tow bar, Don Humberto was brilliant, they found that the weld on one of the exhaust supports has parted, so he quickly welded it up for me, they then made templates for the bar, I paid 50%, and arranged to have it with him for 7am next Saturday, he thinks it will take up until 3pm, before it is fitted along with the associated electrics. So Marcela will drive the car over, and I will make my way on the Bike, to bring us back, I just hope the weather holds.

Back home, our plan for next week spurred me on, I fitted a new intercom system I had bought for our helmets.I put the instructions aside as they were a chinese translation into English, and didn\’t make much sense, so I found YouTube videos that made it a simple process.

 I also have a dual camera system, which will hard wire into the bike, with a forward and rear facing camera, connected to a mini DVR, that way, with the idiots on the road here, at least I will have evidence, if the unforeseen should happen. I have also found YouTube videos to cover the installation of that! My problem is finding somewhere to place the DVR, as there is next to no secure storage places on the Enfield, I will sort it out, even if I have to buy some storage, just maybe, not for next week.

Marcela headed off for a Family Christmas Party in Medellin, and will stay at her Mother\’s overnight, so the boys and myself are having a Lads night, although Tito, seems to miss his Mum, and took some coaxing to eat any of his dinner.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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