A couple of months ago, a Mayordomo (Caretaker) of a Finca not far from here was murdered, he was shot by intruders, a message left to say, this was what happened if you stuck your nose in where it was not wanted, the Mayordomo\’s own pistol was stolen, a few weeks ago a local Druggie was arrested, and in his possession was the stolen pistol, but because the Prisons are overflowing, he was placed under house arrest with an ankle bracelet.

A few days ago, we were talking to another Mayordomo, who had a close call, the finca he looks after is owned by a big family, and although the finca is in disrepair, they have security cameras placed at strategic points, and one day saw a group of local Druggies in the grounds, as a result they contacted the Mayordomo, and told him to tell the trespassers to leave.

On finding the Trespassers, he passed on the message, and was told point blank that they had no intention of going, at which he told them, that in that case he was calling the Police…They left, issuing threats on their way.

The Mayordomo, rang the police, he explained the situation, and was asked if he possessed a firearm, he admitted that he had one for self.defense, he was then reminded of the murdered man from the same area, and told that if he called the police, that might well happen to him, he was told by the Police, that if the same thing happened again, not to call them, but to take his gun and kill them, that way there would be no further problem.

Yes, you read that correctly, that was the advise of the local Police! I should be appalled, but having seen what is going on in our area, maybe it wasn\’t such bad advise after all, especially as the Authorities have little or no control across the country.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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