Ups and Downs

It turned out to be a peaceful week-end, thank goodness, and both In-laws left with Marcela first thing yesterday morning.

After they had left, I saw a man climbing the tree the cat had been in, he was armed with a pole and net, it turned out the cat was still there, he managed to net it, but half way down it jumped out back onto the tree trunk, however since it was below the man, he then prodded it with the pole, causing it to drop the rest of the way, and shortly afterwards I saw the owners brother returning it to the apartment…I wonder how long before it goes back up again!
I then went out on the bike, I went to a workshop in Copacabana, and explained my problem, the man stopped what he was doing, and immediately started work on my foot peg, the second epoxy broke up immediately, so I have no faith in it. He took the supporting plate off, and then had the bolt welded in place. He then painted where the weld was, and re-fitted the plate, followed by the foot peg. It is now as as good as new, possibly better, and all he wanted was $30000 (£7.20), I need someone I can rely on, so I gave him an extra $20000, and asked for his card, to give it a full service in the next couple of weeks, he said no appointment necessary, just turn up any time between 8am and 5pm.
This morning I went back down to Copacabana, to collect a certificate from the Planning Dept, because although our escritura (deeds) says a plot and house, the Registry just says a plot, unfortunately the Planning Dept, say they have lost our planning application, back from 2006, and will have to come and do an inspection, so god knows what they will come up with, we have no idea, but it could certainly delay any sale, and knowing them, be costly.

As I was leaving the town, I had to pass the Bike mechanic\’s and got a wave as I passed, I think they heard the throaty engine approaching!

Back home, I cut the grass, today is the first time it has been anywhere near dry enough for nearly a week, I decided that it was then time for a haircut, so out came the trimmer!
Marcela then rang me to say, the company who had repainted our cars, rang to say they had a buyer for my Montero, so they sent the man round to Marcela, and he wants to buy it, not for what I was asking, but it was the price I was expecting, and he is prepared to wait, until we have found another car. He is a Motor Trader, so obviously knows he can make money on it. He offered a deposit, but I declined, he can pay in full when he picks it up, it saves me having to advertise, so I am happy. 
Now we will definitely have to go car hunting on Saturday, when Marcela is off.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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