Taking it Easy!

Today has been a leisurely day, well at least I took things slower. With the Father-in-law taking the dogs for their morning stroll, I was able to go back to bed, eventually getting up at 7.30am.

After breakfast, the Father-in-law and myself went down town, I was trying to buy a new bolt for the motorcycle foot peg, but I was told I wouldn\’t find one anywhere, and was directed to a Metal Worker to have the thread re-cut on the old bolt. Whilst they were sorting that out, we went to do the household shopping.

Once the shopping was done, and the bolt collected, we made our way home, just stopping off to buy a new rear windscreen wiper, having broken the last one whilst washing the Montero yesterday.

Back home, I fitted the windscreen wiper, then turned my attention to the Bike, firstly I tried  fitting the re-cut bolt for the foot peg, but it was a waste of money, because I discovered that the hole in the frame should have been threaded, but had been destroyed in the crash the previous owner had, I now think it was more than just dropping it. That left me with a dilemma, because I obviously can\’t use the bike without a peg. I dug out my two part metal epoxy, mixed some up, and covered the bolt, which I then inserted into the hole, and left it, tomorrow, I will try it to see if it\’s strong enough to hold whilst I refit the peg, if it doesn\’t move, then I will just have to hope and pray it lasts, it will certainly be a test of the epoxy.

I then removed the battery, and then fitted my Garmin GPS to the bike, I haven\’t used the bike mount for it since moving to Colombia, so it took a while to remember how to do it, but I was able to thread the cable under the fuel tank, to the battery, albeit it took a while. I then fitted the new battery charger cable to the battery, made everything look nice and tidy, then refitted the battery.

Before fitting the cover, I made sure that everything worked, and then it was time to tidy up. At which time I connected the battery charger to the Bike, and left it charging, when I went back to it five hours later the battery was fully charged and in maintenance mode, I was chuffed that was AOK!!

This afternoon I have been taking it easy and staying out of the way, I know I shouldn\’t say this because it is tempting fate, but up until now all have been peaceful in the house…amazing. During the afternoon, having had a change of heart about Christmas, Marcela and her Mum, have put up all the Christmas decorations, and the tree, so it look really festive now.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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