Firstly to update on the Logan, it was sold yesterday, less than we wanted for it, but still a good price,  people over here don\’t like buying gas conversion vehicles.

I was talking with the Gas Engineer last week, when I called in with a problem with the Montero system, he told me the reason is, that people over here have no idea how to use the system, so they start their vehicle with it and drive all the time on gas, you can\’t do that, gas is dry, and it ends up damaging the engine through lack of lubrication. He advised me, that if I wanted another vehicle on Gas, to buy a Petrol or Diesel vehicle, then have it converted, so I would be the first with the system, and have no problems, that was certainly valuable advise.

The only problem with the sale, was that Marcela had to go with the man, firstly for the inspection, and then to have the transfer organised, this meant going into the City, but what the man didn\’t tell Marcela beforehand, was that he wasn\’t returning to Bello, so at 4pm I loaded up the car, taking the boys with me, and off we went to collect her Ladyship, not the best time of day traffic wise, we arrived back about 6.30pm.

Back to the title, we have been having a problem in the downstairs bathroom, with a foul smell over the last three or four days, I came to the conclusion that it was the septic tank, so this morning, wellingtons on, long rubber gloves, and work commenced. I looked in the two septic tanks first, and thought maybe I had found the problem, as they were nearly dry, and just solids, the idea was to half fill each tank with water seeig if that resolved the problem, however the smell was not nearly as bad as in the house.

So I moved on to the grey water trap,(Kitchen sink, showers, and hand basins), problem found! when we had the problem with the broken pipe, the new outlet was set a little higher, at the time I thought for good reason, but that meant standing water, between the stone base and the outlet pipe, the smell was horrible. I dragged the sack filter out and washed it, then put more gravel in the bottom of the trap, to raise the level. Re-inserted the filter, and gave the inside a good wash with the hosepipe. I think that has done the trick, I will know more later.

Just gone 9am and my days work is done, I even washed the Montero before Marcela left for work, so that she didn\’t look like a tramp when she turned up.

Yes, those of you following my posts, will know that I was due to go to the Doctors this morning, but I had another headache free night, so I cancelled the appointment online first thing this morning, there is no point in wasting their time, they have long enough queues as it is.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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