Fingers Crossed!

Yesterday, Marcela received a call from a man interested in buying her Logan, he then went to have a look and a price was agreed, subject to an official inspection today.

Marcela will go with the man, when she finishes work, into the City to have the inspection, if everything is OK, which it should be, then he will pay, and the car will be transferred into his name today, or at the latest tomorrow, at which point I will have to go to Bello and collect Marcela from the shop, and she will then lay claim to my Montero, and I will have the bike.

We will then spend a week or two looking for our \’new\’ car, which at the moment will either be a Nissan X-trail, or a Renault Koleos, hopefully between 2011-2013. Even though nearly 20 years younger than the Montero, it will  not guarantee that it is any better, it might need work, we will have to wait and see.

I have my Doctors appointment tomorrow, regarding my headaches following my fall, but last night I had my first headache free night since the incident, does that mean I am home and clear, and can cancel the appointment? I am not sure, I have done this in the past, and the symptoms came back after the cancellation, I think I will probably go, just to be on the safe side, I can always apologise for wasting her time.

Yesterday, I fitted the bike battery charger to the Royal Enfield, it is a trickle charger that automatically stops when fully charged, and stays connected whenever parked up, it was a fiddly job, but it\’s working, and I suspect, that the battery is not as good as the shop made out, because after 18 hours the charger is still showing yellow and not green. To be honest I will feel much happier once I have taken it for a full service, it\’s just that the nearest Royal Enfield Service Center is the other side of Medellin. I brought the charger with me from Spain, where it was used on 220v, here we are only on 110v, so that maybe the reason, albeit it should still work fine.

This week, we have the Father-in-law coming down for an appointment on Friday, he will then stay the week-end before going home, although he doesn\’t know that yet, I bet he thinks he is staying a week, but as he will be here over Christmas, a week-end is enough, also the Mother-in-law is coming, so we will have to ensure they keep the peace, and I have told Marcela if there is any trouble this time, I will ask the Father-in-law to leave, otherwise the Mother-in-law will rightfully think I am siding with him,which I have been accused of in the past….This should be fun!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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