Falling to Bits

What is happening to me… This morning I woke later than usual, which I am not complaining about, it was nice to have a lie in until 6.15am, that might still seem early to many of you, but that\’s an extra 45 minutes for me!

I then took the dogs for a walk, out into the country, it was lovely, but on our return, I was passing one of the Bars up the road, when I blacked out, I remember my head hitting the road and then nothing for a second or two. I managed to get up, but had no sense of balance, and had to hold onto the fence. Two men from the Bar (having their morning coffee) ran over, and asked if they could help, I thanked them for their concern, but said I would just stand for a minute or two then make my way home. They could obviously see I was bleeding, both arms were scraped, and my hand was covered in blood, it looked worse than it was, fortunately.

Both Pepe and Tito, were as good as gold, and just stood alongside me, instead of running off. We made our way slowly home, and then I couldn\’t open the gate, because, I thought I had lost my keys in the fall. Not wanting to return with the dogs, as my balance just wasn\’t right, I tied them up, and went back up the road…slowly!  The two men who had come to me before, came to help me look, but  we couldn\’t find them. I then started to walk home, and realised the keys were in my back jeans pocket all the time. I arrived home to find a \’friend\’ from down the road sitting talking to the dogs, when he saw the blood, and that I was having trouble standing in one place, he offered to help, but I was home, so again thanked him, and called Marcela from her bed, she is a fantastic Nurse.

Some three and a half hours later, and I am still wobbly on my feet, I think from the bang to my head, but what caused the blackout in the first place, it came on without any warning, that is what worries me.

Marcela says not to worry unless I have a repeat \’episode\’, and she is probably right, but you can\’t help it. I seem to go from one disaster to another, and that is more concerning to me.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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