I apologise for the title, but it\’s how I feel… I woke this morning to an email from Azimo telling me that their Partner IN Colombia is BBVA Spain!!!!? How does that work?  the short answer is that it doesn\’t, they went on to say that my limit per year is the equivalent of $20,000 US (incorrect as you will see later), they went on to say that all their present and past partners deposit the payments in Pesos (incorrect yet again) and then said if I didn\’t go down to the Bank and sort it out, the transfer would be cancelled and I would have to wait five days for a refund. It really doesn\’t say a lot about Azimo, certainly not a professional approach.

I went down to Bancolombia, arriving at 8.20am, decided that I should speak to a Commercial Assistant first, and took a ticket, it is a fairly new system, where you take a ticket, but have no idea how long they will be as there are various classes of importance, of which I think I was at the bottom, because people were pouring in after me, and leaving before, I will have to try and work out how to become more important.

Two and a half hours later, my number appeared, by which time I was perished, as they have the air-conditioning on full blast, and I was only with her for two minutes, as she said I would have to talk with the Client Director, so then I had to wait outside the Directors door like a naughty schoolboy waiting to see the Headmaster/mistress, no ticket this time. 30 minutes later I was seen, and she was helpfulness itself, she explained that the limit set by the Bank of Colombia is the equivalent of $28000 US for British Citizens, because at the moment there is no agreement between the two countries. She then showed me my computer file, and every payment this year at least, had been transferred in USD not Colombian Pesos as Azimo publish on  their site, and will tell you in their emails.

I had taken a wad of documents I thought covered every aspect of proving my transfer was my pension, and the Director selected what she needed, then confirmed it would be the same next month, and possibly January if the transfer was early on, which it will be, she then gave me her email address, and told me to email her with the same documents updated, and she would put the transfer through, without me having to queue in the Bank. After which, she said the funds would be in my account by 2pm, and sure enough it was.

I then went to do our shopping for the week-end, and arrived back home about 1.30pm

After lunch, I fitted the engine crash bar to my Bike, it arrived at the shop yesterday, and Marcela brought it home with her, it was an easy fit, and hopefully will protect both the engine and my legs in the event of a collision, which I hope never happens, but you can\’t be too careful.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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