Short Update

The last few days have been mundane, just doing household chores. On Tuesday I had to return to the Motorcycle shop to sign forms so they could complete the transfer, as a result of which, all being well, I am going to Medellin with Marcela this morning to collect the bike, but it looks as if I might get a soaking, the last two or three days, we have had one storm after another. If it turns into another tropical storm, the bike can stay in the shop until Tuesday (Monday is another Holiday), I am keen to have the bike, but not that keen.

Yesterday, to keep up with the Colombians, I put up the new exterior Christmas lights, we have gone from blue to white, for a change. Marcela isn\’t feeling at all Christmasy this year with all our problems, so we may not bother with the inside decorations, but the outward show will remain! They can all come down on Boxing Day as far as I am concerned. Some shops put their decorations up at the beginning of October, which I think is ridiculous, but I have noticed all the domestic ones going up this last week, so not to be the odd one out!

If we are able to collect the Bike, I will give an update later!

Bike collected!

Official Handover

I came back rather gingerly, because the mirrors were bolted tight, and way off target, so there was more shoulder checking than normal! Just as I hit the outskirts of Copacabana the rain started, but fortunately did not pour down, until about 30 seconds after the bike reached the shelter of my workshop.

The mirrors are now adjusted, I will have to try them out and see if they need further adjustment, and I had to cut a bit out of the inside of my helmet, as the rest of my body seems to be shrinking with age, my head appears to have grown, I am not happy at removing some of the protection, but it will do until I can replace it, that won\’t be a cheap deal, as I also have to buy one for Marcela, and I am not buying cheap Colombian ones, which split as soon as they hit the road.

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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