Busy Few Days

Thursday evening we received a call to say that the Montero was finished in the paint shop and ready for collection, on Friday morning I hitched a lift with Marcela to Bello, and collected my baby, they had done and excellent job, I was really pleased..

From there, I went on to Medellin, looking at Motorcycles, and ended up putting a deposit on a  2016 Royal Enfield Classic 500

It is currently going through all the security checks, to make sure there are no loans on it, not stolen etc. once that is done, hopefully today, they will then transfer the bike into my name, and change the back tyre, then phone me to collect it in the next day or two. Thank goodness I didn\’t get rid of all my motorcycle gear.

Here in Colombia, most of the second hand bikes in shops are not the property of the shop, they sell them for the owners on Commission, so buying is quite so straight forward, and like everything else here, you have to pay tax on the purchase and sale of a vehicle, yet another money spinner for the Government.

Saturday we had a couple to look at the house, they liked it and made a provisional offer, which we accepted, but that means nothing, and they still had other houses to see, so we now wait with baited breath, and fingers crossed.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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