Home Alone…Well it Feels Like It!

I have been stuck at home for the last couple of days, whilst Marcela\’s car has had the scratched bodywork repainted, she has been using the Montero for work. Today she rang me to say that she has been contacted and her car is ready a day early, but that doesn\’t mean I get mine back, as she will go to collect hers, and leave mine, which we were told would take three days, hopefully I will have it back for the week-end.

Knowing that we are going to be selling both cars to buy one newer one, this experience has taught me that I am not ready to have my legs cut from under me just yet, so I am looking around for a motor cycle, I wont make the same mistake as last time, getting an underpowered bike just for economy was very short sighted, at the moment I am looking at getting a Royal Enfield, or a Suzuki GS 500, either of which should do me fine, where ever we end up living.

So whilst I have been stranded, I have taken the opportunity to get stuck in to the gardening, and I think I am just about on top of it. Part of that involved power washing the balustrade around the \’swimming pool\’, but unfortunately as I was nearing the end, it blew up, it was only a cheap one, and has lasted us nearly five years, so I am not complaining, but now I need to go and buy a replacement, which I could do without at the moment.

There have still been no further inquiries regarding the sale of the finca, and to be honest, I will be surprised if we get any now until New Year, it is a bit disheartening, but at least all is quiet here at the moment. The Barbers shop has re-opened as a Mini-Market, which is a lot quieter, and hopefully will be trouble free.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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