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It\’s been a funny week, with the Father-in-law here, not that I have seen much of him, as he has been to appointments with Marcela, unfortunately, the eye Specialist confirmed that he has glaucoma, so he has to go on drops, and then come back for more tests, he also had to visit the Catholic Church to obtain a copy of his marriage certificate as a document needed to obtain his pension starting next month, but it turns out that the Church entered his surnames the wrong way around in the register, so he has to return to see the Monsignor to see if he will issue a waver, and then the certificate can be altered, as it is, he wont get his pension on time.

Yesterday I went into the City to do the bulk frozen food shop, and whilst there went to the supermarket I had found another supply of marmalade in, to find they had none, the air was blue, whether they had just sold out, or they were not going to restock, no one seemed to know, so I will just have to keep calling in.

Today, Marcela took her Father to the bus, to go home, and then we took both cars to have a quote on body repairs, before selling them, the Logan had vandal scratches that were on it when we bought it, I just thought it would look better to sell, and the Montero, is going to have a couple of areas of damage repaired and repainted, and a good polish. We will then sell the Logan first, because with that and our savings we can buy the Toyota Prado, then once that is fitted with reversing sensors and a towbar, we will sell the Montero.

We were pleasantly surprised that the total quote for both cars came to a fraction over one million (£250 / $325), so we left the Logan with him, and it will be ready on Wednesday, then Marcela will swap cars, and they will repair the Montero, we found the guy through recommendation, and that for me is nearly always the best way, so fingers crossed it is a good job.

The owner of the company gave us some surprising information, apparently cars with a gas conversion fetch less money than non converted cars, apparently over here gas conversions are not popular, because of the damage caused to engines, through not using the main fuel enough. I really did not expect that, and he said to remember that when buying a replacement car.

We are now back home, and hoping for a relaxing week-end.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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