The Cat is Out of The Bag!

It\’s been a non productive week on the whole, Wednesday I went to give blood for routine tests that came back normal, yesterday we went for Marcela\’s optician check up, fortunately no change, but with four years and the same specs, it was time for a new pair. We then went for lunch, and I came home, whilst Marcela headed for work.

Late that afternoon, the bell at the gate went, I saw a car stopped outside, and thought it was someone looking for a finca by the same name further up the mountain, so I went out, a young girl was by the gate, and a woman in the car, who asked at the top of her voice, if our finca was for sale, unfortunately \’Enimigo\’ was within hearing! So now all the neighbours will know our intentions. It turned out the woman was a local estate agent / realtor, trying to drum up business, I gave her Marcela\’s contact details, but she has not made contact.

There is still no indication what they intend the Barbers to re-open as, all the furniture has been removed, and the interior repainted, I don\’t really care, as long as it doesn\’t bring parking problems along with it.

This morning we were up super early as Marcela had a medical appointment on the other side of the city.

I took the dogs for their walk, had breakfast then I had some remedial work to be done, with all the torrential rain we have had, part of the azulina hedge in the garden had toppled over onto the lawn, fortunately it had not uprooted. I was able to get a strand of wire under the hedge and lever it back up into place, then wire it to the perimeter fence. After which, I headed down to Copacabana to do the shopping for yet another Bank holiday week-end.

That\’s it for yet another grey and dismal Colombian winter\’s day, even though it is still warm.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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