Quiet Again!

The week-end wasn\’t too bad, there was some noise from one of the Fincas de Recreo at the back of us, but not bad enough to contact anyone. Marcela was working Saturday, so I went out in the morning and did some shopping in Niquía, it was nice to just wander around, I was still back for midday,  I\’m not one for spending hours in shops.

Sunday, we had a lie in, as it was raining, I didn\’t have to walk the dogs, believe it or not, I quite enjoyed the experience, it doesn\’t happen that often.

The sun came out, so I cut the grass, just in case we had any viewers (We didn\’t!), trimmed one of the hedges, and then after a shower, we went out for lunch. Then it was home for a siesta.

This morning I had my blood pressure appointment with my Doc, to be honest it turns out to be more of a social, I learned that he has been with his girlfriend for four years, and they are planning to get married in another two, because she is still training, so only one income, which would stop them getting their own house, here unlike many places the wages of a Doctor are nothing to write home about, unless they specialise and are in Private Practice. He told me that he had been looking at my Restaurant recommendations on the internet, for their four year anniversary…oh dear!

We talked about the problems with my hand, he had sent me a message saying he wanted to arrange physio for me, but he realised that probably wasn\’t going to happen, following my experience with a Colombian Physio, and he is right, we had a laugh about it, he said that if the pain got worse, to return and we would discuss it further.

We also talked about my Psychiatric appointments, and my memory problem, although my memory doesn\’t seem any better, I do seem to be able to concentrate more, and I am not so snappy, so little by little there is some improvement, hopefully that continues.

During all this conversation, he was taking my vitals for the Blood Pressure appointment, which all came back positive, however my ten minute appointment still took half an hour, which from the faces of those waiting as I left, was not appreciated, and I know how they feel.

Now back home, it\’s really too late to get started on anything, and I have to return to the Medical Center tomorrow morning for a blood test, so that will probably right tomorrow off as well, other than small jobs around the house.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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