It Sounds Like a New Car

On Monday, I took the Montero to Bello and left it with the Mechanic as planned, then went with Marcela to the shop, where, I then borrowed her car for the morning, and headed into the City, to a place that sells cardboard boxes, it was worth the trip, by going there, I bought them at $5664 COP (£1.43) each, as opposed to buying them on MercadoLibre (Colombia\’s eBay) for $12900 COP (£3.26) each, I bought thirty, they are now stored in the workshop, whilst waiting for a buyer for the house. From there I went to Makro, and stocked up whilst I was passing.

It was then time to head back to the shop to collect Marcela, I arrived about 40 minutes before she was due to finish, but the Mother-in-law arrived early, and told her to leave.

Tuesday morning, a Comisionista came to the house about 8.45am, and took photos and video, to place both on his site, and on social media, shortly afterwards, we had a call from another Comisionista to say he wanted to bring a couple to view the house that afternoon, so it was just as well everything had been spruced up for the photo session. Marcela was worried, because she had to work, and wanted to be here, but I persuaded her that viewing, even with me, was better than cancelling, and risking losing a sale. However the couple were so poker faced, it was hard to tell what they were thinking, my impression, is that they are not interested, if they are it will be a big surprise, but to date we have had no feedback.

Tuesday night, I had a call from the Mechanic, to say the work was completed on the Montero, therefore I arranged to go for it the following morning.

The following morning, Marcela was leaving early to go into the City to buy stock, so I hitched a lift, like always with Javier being a roadside Mechanic, and not having a premises, we had to walk round paying all the bills for parts used, that done I paid Javier his cut, the car now sounds totally different, more like a petrol engine and not a diesel! He also adjusted the handbrake for me, but I think it may be a bit tight, I\’ll give it a couple of days, then I might have to call and see him, if it doesn\’t free up.
Today, I went with Marcela, she had been recalled for a second MRI, she only received the call on Tuesday, so we are a bit worried as to why the urgency, however they refused to tell her anything, other than, not to worry, so we will just have to wait. Two hours later, and we were on hour way back, stopping in Bello for lunch, and then we parted ways, Marcela had left her car there, and went to work, I headed home.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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