A Shame!

It\’s a shame, the man came last night, and liked the place, but he does not want to take out a loan, and the other property he has seen will take the cash from his house, plus an apartment he owns, unfortunately that does not equate to our price, and I am not taking out a loan for the balance needed to buy the apartment, as nice as it is. Now we are back in the hands of the Comisionistas, in the hope they can find us a buyer.

This morning we went to see the same man\’s house in Bello, it is definitely smaller than ours, but it is doable, it would also be the first prefabricated house we have owned, apparently they are built to move with the shocks of tremors and earthquakes, which would save me a lot of maintenance work. The house lends itself to be altered to our needs, and the garden is big enough to put a prefabricated workshop. Yes, we like it a lot, now we just have to hope we can sell before another buyer comes along.

On the way home we diverted into Copacabana and bought fiambres for lunch, or as it turned out, brunch, Marcela was starving as she was late getting up for our house viewing, so hadn\’t eaten.

This afternoon we have relaxed, it will be an early start tomorrow, as I have to have the montero in Bello for 8am, and will be without it for two days, whilst having the valved removed and ground, and replace the timing belt. Hopefully that will keep her going for a while longer. Also she is due her annual Mechanical test at the beginning of next month, so hopefully after this she will fly through it.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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