All Quiet

It\’s all quiet on the Western Front, we went to the meeting at the Inspeccion de la Policia, and to \’resolve\’ the problem , they bound everyone over to keep the peace, which is fine by me, but the other family were not so happy, as two of them were there, and they were told that the order includes all the family, friends and third parties, which ties them up nice and tight.

Since then it has just been medical appointments, and work. Marcela had to have an MRI on Thursday, they suspect that she has fluid on the brain, and may need a drain, the MRI took two hours, and she hated every minute of it, I thought she had been admitted, they took so long, and then she sent me a message to say she was out. She collects the results next week, and then has another appointment with her specialist to see what if anything has to be done.

We now have the Finca up for sale with a few Comisionistas, we had a call from one of them yesterday, to say he had someone interested, and wants to see it today or tomorrow,  and we have an appointment to go and see one to buy on Monday, and another seller is repeatedly phoning Marcela to arrange for us to see his, but until we know when we have a potential buyer coming here, we cant make any arrangements. At the end of the day, we can\’t buy, until we sell.

Today I was up early as usual, we have had two days of tropical storms, the pump has been going two or three times a day, to keep the pool empty,  again I emptied the pool, then out came the brush cutter and cut the grass.

I then started painting, I was not very happy with Henry, I found that he had watered down my paint almost until it was white water, his efforts had mostly been washed off, fortunately I had some more old exterior emulsion, I mixed the two together, redid his painting, and painted the workshop, and the low wall outside the house, so it is all looking much better now.

Time then to get back in the pool, and today was grouting the parts I had stripped. With all the rain, I was worried about it getting behind the tiles and doing even more damage. So that is done, and polished.

Because we are definitely back to winter again, I am going to have to adjust my work ethic on the swimming pool, except where I am going to have to remove damaged tiles, I will only remove enough grout, to have time to then regrout immediately, so it is sealed before the rain arrives.

Whilst typing this, Marcela has just phoned to say the Comisionista is coming with the interested party in a couple of hours, so wish us luck, and hop it is a genuinely interested buyer, and not just a nosey moocher!


Marcela rang again, she had had a second call, to say the interested party was not now coming until next week, after I had run around arranging everything.

Shortly after, another call, to say the Seller who has been pestering for us to view, is looking to move to Copacabana, and wants a Finca, so they are coming later this afternoon to look at ours, and we are going tomorrow morning to look at their casa campestre, and if it works for us both, we will swap, and they will pay the difference, theirs is not a finca, but has a garden, is slightly smaller than this, and nearer to town, also lower altitude not higher, than here, so we wont have to buy sweaters…Fingers crossed!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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