Busy Week

This morning it was another crack of dawn rising, these 5am starts are becoming too regular!

Marcela came with me, and I was at the Doctors for 6.40am, both to go over my Psychiatric report, and the blood tests, which although fine for the Shrink, were high in some areas, and the Doc thinks that is to do with my Thyroid, so more medication!

He has also recommended an ultrasound on my hand, which had reduced in swelling, but started to swell again last night, he thinks it is  a  ganglion cyst, but this procedure has to be authorised by the Coordination for my Health Service Provider, because this Health Centre is run by another company, so I will have to return tomorrow to talk to him, as it was too early in the day.

Marcela then had to rush off, as her Mother rang, to say she had been taken to the emergency department with stomach pains, fortunately it turned out not to be too serious, and she just has to rest today.

That will mean Marcela closing the shop about 2pm, because we have our second appointment at the Inspeccion de la Policía this afternoon, we will see if the neighbours turn up.

I think the Father in law is returning to Caucasia tomorrow, he has been like a protective mother, it is always nice to see him, but this time, I will be glad to see him leave. I have put up with it for Marcela\’s sake, but those that know me, will know I don\’t like being wrapped in cotton wool. Henry was due to go today, but he wants to be present for the result of the meeting this afternoon, before deciding to leave.

The last couple of days, I have spent a two or three hours each day, working on the swimming pool, I don\’t want to do more, I might burn out the motor on the multi-tool, it is doing a good job, and I now have one wall completely finished, I am about half way down another wall, which is 6m long, but there are quite a few tiles that are going to have to be removed and replaced, I just hope that goes as well as on the last wall.

Tomorrow, the dogs are going for a hair cut and shampoo, it has been so hot, I think they will feel the benefit, that will mess up my morning. I will take them for 9am, then go to see the Health Service Coordinator, before doing my shopping, and heading home, usually about midday I get the call to return and pick up the boys, then it will be too late to do anything else.

Once I know whether I need to write another day off for the Inspeccion de la Policía, I will make another appointment to take the Montero to Javier, he will need it for a couple of days to have the valves reground, and the chain replaced, another chunk of cash! I will work out with Marcela how to get home, if push comes to shove, I will have to get a taxi.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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